My Security+ Exam Experience

Today I took the CompTIA Security+ SYO-601 certification exam online. Here was my experience with online testing for the certification exam. I had to check-in 30 minutes early to fill out some forms and to show my proctor around my room to make sure I wasn’t cheating. Quick tip for anyone taking this exam, make sure your room is clean and organized. After checking-in, I immediately began the exam. I was given 80 questions total with a 90 minute time limit. As I expected, the exam questions were very detailed and difficult. I focused on completing the multiple choice questions first, then doing the performance-based questions. The multiple choice questions were not too difficult, but they took a lot of time to complete since the questions had a lot of useless information. Each question had paragraphs of information before getting to the actual point of the question. After focusing on the multiple choice for most of my time limit, I barely had any time to focus on the performance-based questions. I had to rush through the performance based questions and I used up my entire 90 minutes.

What I learned and My Score

The moment of truth. The big question is did I pass the exam or not? The answer is… I did not pass the exam. In order to pass, I needed a 750 or above, and I got a 740. I was 10 points away from passing. Even though its rough knowing I was so close to passing, I learned a few things that will help me when trying this exam again. I now know that I need to go through the multiple choice questions a little bit faster next time. I also figured out what topics I should study more for next time. Overall, the exam experience was perfect and I am looking forward to retaking this exam soon!

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